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Your Brain at Work LIVE | Your Brain at Scale: 25 Years of Brain-Based Coaching
Welcome back to Your Brain at Work LIVE!

What makes a great leader?

What does neuroscience tell us about the way we learn?

How can we be better coaches for those that rely on us for guidance?

Driving meaningful change across your teams and your organization requires proven approaches that resonate widely and stick with people for the long term. Applying a brain-based methodology to productive coaching conversations enables leaders to help others develop new habits, skills, and behaviors.

This week, NLI Education Consultant Janelle Light joins our co-founder and CEO Dr. David Rock to celebrate the 25th anniversary — and recent 2022 International Business Award for Conference & Meetings gold medal — of Brain-Based Coaching.

We'll be diving into the neuroscience behind and the history of brain-based coaching at NLI and how the habits, behaviors, and strategies that have empowered countless business leaders, professionals, and aspiring coaches have continued to evolve and grow based on the more we now know.

We hope to see you for this forum on how we can all learn to better empower and equip one another for a more thoughtful, intentional approach to learning.


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